We always recommended to do a Patch Test before applying any new product. Avoid use in case of known allergy to listed ingredients. If you find sensitive or adverse reactions, please stop using it and consult a dermatologist. If pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician before using any products that contain essential oils.

我們每款產品都有詳細介紹,說明適合的膚質和功效,你可根據您的需要選擇。如不知如何選擇最適合您的Nude Story產品? 請填妥「皮膚及產品配搭 - 諮詢服務」問卷 (大約10分鐘),我們的註冊香薰治療師會分析資料後會以 Whatsapp 與您聯絡,為您免費分析皮膚狀況、調整及推薦合適的產品及正確使用步驟給您。您的詳細回覆好讓我們可以作出精準的分析。

Full spectrum protection for products include new plant-derived, non-toxic preservatives, caprylhydroxamic acid, 1,3-Propanediol, 1,2-Hexanediol and caprylyl glycol. Caprylhydroxamic acid is an amino acid derived from coconut oil. It’s a wonderfully gentle preservative that ensures product safety and longevity. Preservatives are especially difficult to formulate with because they have to be strong enough to kill bacteria, but they also can’t impact the effectiveness of other ingredients. On full size products, you can see are printed or labeled with the date/month of manufacture and expiry date. There is a small pattern on the bottle, which represents the stable shelf life after opening. Please use and store the product according to the instructions on the bottle. We recommend using our natural products right away for optimal freshness.

Because our products are formulated with 100% naturally harvested ingredients. Plant life varies season to season so you can expect color, aroma and texture may vary every batch. On our balm products may become soft or melt in high temperatures; It will return perfectly when cooled. As they re-cool, the ingredient Shea Butter will crystallize or become grainy, which is a natural reaction. this will not affect their performance.

Yes, our full Nude Story products range is plant-based, nearly our entire product is vegan. Exception of organic certifed beeswax which is only used in a few of our products: Cleansing Balm, Lip Balm and Eczema Balm. All of our products are cruelty-free and accredited by PETA Beauty without Bunnies Program.

Our Products did not contain are retinol (vitamin A), salicylic acid, parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. Nude Story uses pure natural essential oils. Natural essential oils have a certain curative effect. In the early stage of pregnancy, please avoid using rose Otto Essential oil ingredients. Most of the products have indicated on the packaging that they are suitable for pregnant women. Please referal to our page「Pregnancy care」. Please consult your physician before using any products that contain essential oils.

Although we are use the natural ingredients into our product. Some certain people might get allergy react by some natural ingredients or not match for your skin. Please read the product label carefully or contact us for any assistance before purchase. If any issues arise use around one month, we are glad to assess your problems and resolve it by returns or refund as soon as possible. The relative shipping fee for products return will be borne by the customer.  refund-policy

We insist on small-batch production to keep it fresh. Shipping (Hong Kong) It usually takes within 3-5 working days after confirmation. It may need 6-10 working days under tight supply condition. Exclude Sunday and Public Holiday. Product delivery dates may vary due to shipping services. Shipping (Macau), It usually takes within 4-7 working days after confirmation. It may need 7-12 working days under tight supply condition. If you are not notified or your shipment is delayed for more than 7 business days, please contact us immediately.

可以的。我們會用香港郵政 – 特快專遞 (國際郵寄)。運費由特快專遞根據產品的重量計算。下訂單前與我們聯絡以確認需要支付的運費。我們只能於顧客確定購買產品的數目後才能夠為您們安排郵費報價。建議顧客可參考「香港郵政局特快專遞」網頁作初步報價。由於包裝袋/紙箱也會計算於郵費內,因此最終郵費或會與初步報價有所出入。最終郵費以寄出時的價格作準。  請與我們聯絡確認所需之運費才下單及付款 。貨品會於確認收妥運費後寄出。顧客必須自行留意您的國家是否有包裹重量以及其他限制。我們不會對任何關稅,增值稅或雜費及任何可以在您的國家出現的額外收費負責。 ​

We are sorry for the inconvenience, please contact us immediately and we will fix your order as soon as possible. You can email us directly to info@nudestoryhk.com. Will follow up for you immediately, thank you!

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