Refund policy
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Refund policy


Our wish is provide the best services to your purchase and overall experience. We do not accept any cancellation after order has been confirmed, also no exchangeable and refundable, thank you very much for your understanding. 

Should you encounter an issue with your delivery or product, please contact us with your order number, name and reason. We will be happy to arrange an appropriate resolution for you.

A) We will pack our product carefully to ensure not get damage during shipping out. If the product is damaged, defected or incorrect, please contact us included the relative photo by email - within 48 hours of delivery. We will arrange refund or returns services, the relative shipping fee will be borne by the Nude Story. 

B) Although we are use the natural ingredients into our product. Some certain people might get allergy react by some natural ingredients or not match for your skin. Please read the product label carefully or contact us for any assistance before purchase. If any issues arise use around one month, we are glad to assess your problems and resolve it by returns or refund as soon as possible. The relative shipping fee for products return will be borne by the customer.  

Returns and Refunds Progress: 

  1. Please send your return and refunds application request via email

  2. Please attached the relative product product to us for our reference. 

  3. The relative shipping fee for products return will be borne by the customer.  Please keep the receipt or track number for our reference.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. We will arrange the return or refund after 14  business days. If we cannot received the defect items or product has been used more than 50%, we have the right to reject a return or refund arrangement.

  2. The relative shipping fee for products return will be borne by the customer.  

  3. If the poducts order involves a third-party payment collection platform, we have the right to deduct the relevant handling fee from the customer's actual payment for the purchase of the product. The final refund is subject to the amount we actually received ( Shipping fee is not included).

  4. We have the right to deduct the partial refund amount if your refunds Products were bought together with other Products to enjoy our discount promotions or offers / free shipping promotion. 

*The following circumstances will not be eligible for exchange or refund arrangements: 

  • Products not purchased through our website or in stock list ; 
  • Failure to receive the relevant problematic goods that need to be returned;
  • The product has been purchased for more than one month;
  • the product has been used for more than 50%;
  • the product has not been properly packaged, has been damaged, damaged or is incomplete;
  • Any free gifts and trial packs;

If you have not purchased our product directly from our website or via our stock list, then please contact the retailer where you purchased the product and seek for refunds/exchanges directly.

NUDE STORY COMPANY LIMITED reserved the right to amend the above terms from time to time.